About Us


To inspire or permeate with a feeling

Our Team

Jon Wright

Jon’s background is as a Manufacturing Engineer specialising in 3D printing technology. Jon is in charge of product design and manufacturing.

Amber Dugdale

Amber is a Trainee Clinical Psychologist and Imbue’s marketer, model, and brand ambassador. 

Rob Hutchinson

Rob is an experienced Software Developer and is currently working on future products to create interactive customisation experiences. Jon and Rob have been friends for 15 years. 

How Our Products Are Made

Our products are designed using computational design and produced using modern 3D printing processes. This state of the art manufacturing allows us to create one of a kind, personalised, intricate pieces that would be incredibly difficult to produce using traditional techniques. All our precious metals are polished and finished by hand.

Our Future Vision

We will develop a broader range of personalised products; some of these are in development so keep checking back to our product page! We are working towards a more interactive, stream-lined experience for creating your Imbue product in the form of an app.

At Imbue, we understand you will be eager to get your product asap and therefore are working on ways to reduce the production and delivery times. These are intricate and delicate pieces though so please bear with us 🙂 

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